Welcome to this website which bears witness to Christianity as the complete way of living in the modern world, including here in Ireland. An example of this witness is by means of short informative videos from reputable and well known sources.

Lebanon’s Catholic leaders are asking for help

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Let Kids Be Kids is a grassroots campaign group. One of our aims is to inform parents and other stakeholders about the radical changes to Sex Education which could be coming to all Irish Schools. For more information click here.

We invite you to explore this unique website in order to better understand Christianity from the perspective of a worldview – essentially how to interpret Christianity in the context of living in the real world. Christianity has much more to it than a way to worship the Almighty (e.g. mass on Sunday) – it is also a way of life, both temporal and eventually everlasting. People may be reluctant to change from their “comfortable” secular lifestyle, but life has now become so chaotic that we all need to turn back to Christianity in order to bring sense, peace and joy to our lives.

We will be developing this website incrementally, inviting and challenging people to move back to a more meaningful and fulfilling Christian way of life. We intend that there will be many links available here to help you in this direction, so we do invite you to return from time to time.