The European and Local Elections 2019

The European and Local elections will take place on Friday May 24th. In addition, we will be asked to change our Constitution on Divorce. We would like to make the following observations:

  • This country is in a precarious state, as follows:
    • The continued attack on the family with the referendum proposals on Divorce, which would further weaken marriage in Ireland; 35% of children in Ireland are non-marital and 40% in the Greater Dublin area, with all the negative impacts this will have on their lives.
    • Christian values are being increasingly persecuted e.g. proposals to remove all Christian symbols from hospitals, such as Crosses which provide consolation to ill and dying people.
    • Radical Sex Education is being proposed for schools, including all national schools, with explicit sexual material, including LGBT sexuality and transgender issues.
    • It is little wonder that mental health is now attracting a lot of attention, as we progressively abandon Christianity embrace moral confusion and descend into chaos
    • The promotion of the culture of death and with the cruel Abortion law, refusing even pain relief for babies about to be aborted
    • The appalling lack of respect for the dignity of life with the recommendation by the HSE that an unborn child ejected via chemical means should be flushed down the toilet
    • Disastrous financial management e.g. the massive cost overrun due to the incomprehensible location of the National Children’s Hospital’ which will lead to swinging cuts elsewhere
    • Desperately needed investment plans for several hospitals being frozen as the funds are needed for the Children’s Hospital (e.g. mortuary for Waterford hospital)
    • The degenerating health service with A&E departments operating at crisis level and huge waiting lists for hospital treatment
    • Other controllable costs are not being controlled (e.g. insurance costs)
    • A complete failure to deal with the housing crisis though we are several years into the problem and which is getting worse by the day
    • Electability in the EU elections comes down essentially to candidate and brand recognition, as opposed to real policies – this is why we see the same “tired” old faces (sometimes photo shopped!) on the posters of the main political parties. Membership of the EU Parliament has become an entitlement to a massive “gravy / goody train” for those members
    • Politicians continue to roll out the “gravy / goody train”, with the taxpayer picking up the tab, such as the €3billion on the National Broadband Plan, being rolled out against the advice of top Finance officials “to get?” the rural vote
    • Local government in Ireland is the weakest within the OECD, which again shows how weak our democratic system is. Many town councils have been abolished.
    • As a country we are veering towards more globalism, when the rest of Europe is trending away from this. Is a globalist world order really what this country gained its independence for? What about citizens’ power over our own taxation system (the Boston tea party!)? What about a European army and our neutrality? What about promoting our Irish culture and language?
    • It is important that unelected “experts” advise, and that the average citizen who possesses common sense disposes and decides.
    • Dublin is becoming clogged up while the countryside is being stripped of people
    • We have major governance issues within many of our significant national institutions, such as the HSE
    • Groupthink continues to be promoted by our mainstream media (MSM) – smaller parties are being frozen out of debates and funding, while the big parties receive millions in taxpayers funds for party and election activities
    • Top-down ruling by the Government elite which is out of touch with ordinary people who are not been listened to. Civic society is being increasingly sidelined with politicians advocating the all embracing grip of Government.
    • The introduction of 5G into the country and its implications has not been highlighted alongside potential negative health and environmental consequences.
    • As Brexit looms, we wonder at the strategies being adopted by Government, and hope that the livelihoods of many citizens are not being put too much at risk as a result.

More than ever, our society must use the moral / cardinal virtues of prudencetemperancefortitude, justice in discerning our way forward. Is this likely when our politicians and other leaders in society are abandoning our Christian values to be replaced by “might is right” approach?? What does the “common good” mean as a result?

We urge YOU to vote for Pro-Life Candidate!!

Vote NO for Divorce referendum!!