1. The Referendum if passed will give all future power to our politicians to legislate for Divorce without any restraint; while a reduction from the current 4 year waiting period living apart from 4 years to 2 years is being proposed by the Government in legislation now, nothing would stop them legislating for ‘quickie divorces’ in the future.

  2. If the 4 year waiting period is removed it would further weaken the social commitment to Marriage in Ireland, which is already seriously weakened by the culture of individual choice. Cohabitation has increased fivefold in Ireland since 1996  when Divorce was introduced and 35% of children in Ireland are now non-marital, 40% in the greater Dublin area.

  3. Children of Divorce fare worse in the long term than intact families – not only emotionally, but also in education and employment.

  4. Most Divorces do not arise from severe marital conflicts but this would weaken the resolve to try and resolve conflicts before seeking a divorce, as there is a mistaken belief that the immediate happiness of individual spouses is what matters and that this can be obtained in a new relationship.

  5. The change to the Constitution re the recognition of foreign divorces in Ireland could lead to a situation where child bride weddings abroad – common in some non Christian cultures – would be recognized in Ireland. There is no separate option to vote on this – this is the second part of the Referendum change proposed.

For all the these reasons a strong ‘NO’ Vote is urged to the Referendum proposal.