Our Irish political class, media and elite think Christianity is a spent force, that they know “better” and further are disrespectful and even angrily dismiss it when mentioned. Their message is that the people will no longer be regarded as independent transcendent human beings made in the image of God, but are instead pliable materially bound creatures that need to be “ruled / governed!” by them. They view us as no longer deserving of self – governance and need to be taken “care” (control?) of by them, and in return we are required to acknowledge that they are now our primary masters in thought, word and deed.

The political class has adopted a “divide and conquer” strategy against the average individual and, as an example, over time have pushed a number of special interest groups into financial (and thought) dependence on the public purse. In addition, a range of so-called “experts” , particularly in the social field, including international institutions, have been engaged in redirecting public thought into “group-think” by various means, including deception. They also engage in censorship of public debate such as that employed by Google and Facebook of conservative groups and thought. They sell themselves as the “nanny / caring state” but will force you to behave according to their diktats if you do not conform. They “sell” their messages through a media that is not only compliant but drives such viewpoints. The Ten Commandments no longer apply. Taxation is a one way street of enriching the public purse and financially controlling society.This imperious attitude has also spread to many parts of the public and civil service.

This is a key reason why so many electorates in the Western world are in revolt against their former political “masters”, have jumped out of the “slow cooking pot”, are taking back control from them and regaining their proper role as citizens, once again to be in control of the political and “chattering” classes.

For evidence in this regard (even though your own memory and thought will confirm this to you), click on the attached video of EWTN News Nightly of 2019-03-14 , with the Taoiseach (Leo Varadkar) stating that the country was “re-balancing away from Catholicism” ,intimating a degree of Protestantism as a very lame excuse! but really meaning his particular political form of secularism

from 3:38 to 5:50 minutes of that broadcast gives his message away. This viewpoint is more than likely shared by his fellow politicians and the general political class.

In recent years our (Christian based) Constitution has been continually eroded / attacked by our political class so as to take power away from “we, the people” to themselves with new powers over us (and, likely, enriching themselves into the bargain). We are becoming “subjects, even serfs” (particularly those paying taxes to “put up and shut up”). As we lose both our Christian heritage and even our sense of nationalism, we also lose our sense of God, transcendence, the sacred and ultimately our own value as human beings. We will indeed be transformed into “units of production” where the powerful will manipulate and dictate to the weak and voiceless. The real antidote to this is for us to regain our sense of being made in the Image of God, with God given, (not man given) inalienable rights and associated obligations and acknowledge and practise Christianity as our faith and way of living.

Right now we are being forced to defend Christian values incessantly – we need to turn around this ongoing defence to being on the offensive, as offence is the best form of defence. This will require many initiatives. How to achieve this will become clearer over time. This website is one small initiative in this direction. As we relearn Christianity and along with prayer and sacrifice, even suffering, these approaches will enable society to come back to its senses and vanquish secularism and its attendant ideologies.