In this section of the website, Fingal Witness will present evidence on the existence and nature of God. For those comfortable with the presence of the Almighty, this section gives very usable cogent arguments to present to secular / non-believing persons .

The secular person denies the existence of God – he / she believes that they have become their own God. This view is both untrue and delusional. Untrue because God does exist and delusional because man has not much control, if any over his / her coming into / exiting physical existence (spiritual existence continues forever) . Over 85% of human beings who have ever existed believe in God. Indeed, a increasing percentage of both modern philosophers and scientists accept the existence of God.

As regards science, many people believe that Science argues against the existence of God. Not so. Watch

and Bishop Barron

What about all these atheists and their philosophy? Bishop Barron has an answer for them also as follows:

Next which belief system is actually more rational? God or Atheism? Watch

Given the overwhelming nature of the evidence above, here are a few more nails in the coffin of atheism.

And now for a little more positivity and the need to keep Government in its place with man’s inalienable rights coming from God. Watch

Time to move on from the argument about the existence of God. For the average person, what are the reasons / benefits for human beings to believe in God? Some are very practical, some are quite philosophical. The first video concern morality and the second identifies some of the benefits of belief in God, such as transcendence.

Sometimes, the most difficult aspect of God is to understand why He permits suffering. Watch

Ladies and Gentlemen, God is generally depicted as a He! Why? Watch

But we can never really really know God as we are mere human beings. The mystery of God

This video focuses on God as the centre of all things and unfortunately the ongoing tension that man has against God.

God is the ultimate Being and Creator.