What is it?

Abortion is an act of direct killing that takes the life of a tiny human being – a life that begins at conception/fertilization. Abortion always claims a human being’s life and is therefore never a good choice. Legislation that recognizes this fundamental truth should be introduced and supported.

Surgical abortion is an action that surgically kills a baby while she is growing in her mother’s womb. Different methods can be used depending on the age of the baby.

What is my best option?

All methods of abortion have risks – both physical and emotional. All of these methods kill babies, whether these babies are at the embryonic stage of life or the fetal stage of life, and have medical risks for the mother as well as emotional distress (see under After Abortion/Post Abortion Stress Syndrome).

Please know that there are people willing to help you, listen to your concerns, arrange good prenatal care for you and be supportive as you decide what is best for you and your baby.

Be good to yourself, Be good to your baby!

If you or someone you know is facing pregnancy alone and would like someone to talk to,  please email us: info@fingalwitness.com