This section is an introduction to / overview of Christianity. Christianity has been with us for two thousand years now and is widely acknowledged as the source of the vigour and vitality of Western and Irish society.

The focus on “the common good” is a Christian concept, not a secularist concept. The good of the other person is a key meaning for Love, and is called Agape , given to us by Jesus Christ. We intend to analyse further this concept of agape and other Christian concepts and achievements elsewhere in this website, so that the viewer may understand how little secularism offers. When secularism is compared to Christianity in the round, one can see how shallow secularism is. Instead secularism is sustained by the incrementalist approach of those in power.

There are countless materials on Christianity, and we hope to point you to some of the more important/ notable documents etc from this website. The messages in this website are focused on those secularists who are open to the ideas etc. promulgated by Christianity and on those committed Christians as a “refresher” in their engagement with secular minded people. Given the high reliance on videos, we intend to provide as much context as possible, in order to provide a complete picture.

It is video based, normally short – long enough to get an idea across and short enough not to lose an audience. We hope you like it. Feedback is welcome, and can be done via our email address above. We intend to continually improve it with feedback.

The sub sections / web-pages are as follows:

  • The existence of God
  • Revelation to mankind by God and the Bible
  • The Ten Commandments as the basis for human living
  • Jesus Christ, God’s ultimate human revelation to mankind
  • The Church
  • The human being and human nature
  • Christian living

One of the reasons for this structure is that the first three sections are common to both Christianity and Judaism, and are the foundation of the Judaeo-Christian culture that we all live in. Indeed, Jesus Christ was a Jew Himself, and so we need to be able to understand many aspects about Him through that Jewish context.

The sub sections / web pages on Jesus Christ, the Church and Christian living are primarily focused on Christianity, and in particular Catholicism, the background of the writers of this website. Scott Hahn, a notable convert from Presbyterianism to Catholicism, and most knowledgeable on biblical matters, estimates that 85% of the content of the Catholic faith is shared by Christians and that in terms of “Christian living” the respective precepts are also largely shared by Judaism – thus the term Judaeo-Christian culture.

The human being has a separate web page. We must be able to understand and accept what that human nature is, so as to enable us to live a Christian life. God / Jesus Christ has reached out to us, in the full knowledge of our human nature and freedom, and it is up to us to respond, to develop a relationship with Him, and discover and carry out what the unique individual life mission He intends for each one of us.