Morality is the set of principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour. It is a system of values and principles of conduct and determines the extent to which a specific action is right or wrong. Ethics is defined as a moral philosophy or code of morals practised by a person or group of people such as the code of conduct set by a business. For morality to be real and effective, it must be based on our relationship with God as the law giver. For reference purposes, there is a previous PragerU video presented by Dennis Prager on the initial web-page on God on “If there is no God, murder is not wrong”

Bishop Barron links morality to God

Bishop Barron links morality and character

Bishop Barron shows the false linkage between sentimentality and morality (example of Gay Marriage):

How does morality relate to the Ten Commandments / Decalogue? God has revealed himself in the history of the Jewish nation, in the Bible and by means of Jesus Christ. As part of the Bible narrative in the book of Exodus, there is an account of God giving Moses the Ten Commandments as the blueprint for human living. Indeed, Jesus Christ said: If you love me, keep my Commandments. The following videos give an excellent description of the Ten Commandments, and is narrated by Dennis Prager. While these videos present the Jewish version of the Ten Commandments, they are almost identical to the Christian version.

Introduction to the Ten Commandments :

First Commandment :

Second Commandment:

Third Commandment:

Fourth Commandment:

Fifth Commandment:

Sixth Commandment:

Seventh Commandment:

Eight Commandment:

Ninth Commandment:

Tenth Commandment:

Bishop Barron on the Ten Commandments :

Bishop Barron on the link between morality and conscience: