As Christians, we are being progressively silenced by the media and political classes –led by Fine Gael – and denied access to public debate. If we speak out the attitude is – “put up, shut up and pay up”. However, Christian values matter in underpinning the common good, our societal relationships and our lives as there is no true morality without God / Christianity.  The ultimate reality is God, not science and Christianity will not be going away. It is fully integrated with the belief that Ireland is a sovereign nation with a glorious history, heritage and culture.

 We hope that the Fingal electorate understands that the Christian faith is also a worldview – how we think and look at the world and live in the public square, and that we as Christians are an integral part of this. None of the main political parties support Christianity anymore – they get their secular values elsewhere.  

Our view is best summed up by the editorial comment in the Irish Catholic newspaper of January 16th, 2020, which stated –  “If people of faith are to have an impact, they need to have the courage to face up to the reality that they are now strangers in what was their political home. They cannot continue to lend their votes to these (mainstream) parties and expect different results”.

Abortion is the most fundamental wrong in Irish society from a Christian perspective. Life is fundamental to everything. Added is the insult that we as taxpayers must pay for the killing of our unborn children.

The family is under attack. Secularism, the belief system of the mainstream parties, now reflects a view of the world where for example, a child is no longer entitled in law to have a mother and father.  But the traditional family remains the sustainable unit of society.  The political system now wishes to indoctrinate your school children into a hedonistic approach to sexuality through their new RSE (Relationship and Sexuality Education) proposals. This will be a disaster.  Matthew 18:6 and Luke 17:2 both state”It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin”.

Human rights have replaced the Ten Commandments in the public square. Modern human rights – promulgated or removed at the will of the majority – are not grounded in God and have become distorted, where for example; “reproductive rights” include abortion.  Thus the unborn, even though they are an integral part of the human race, can be dispensed with at will.  What other “basic” human right will be dispensed with by the “will?” of the people? God and Christian principles are the only guarantor of fundamental human rights and proper human dignity.

The abolition of Christian dignity of every person moves the citizen to being a subject /serf – to obey the will of the Government. Indeed, the Irish Government is being subjugated to a higher government, namely the UN / EU – the one world government and a globalist culture which increasingly dictates political policies. Big multinational corporations (e.g. Google) have come into the country and have subjected us to their will, as in the censorship of social media. As subjects / serfs, we have become mere cogs in a wheel. “Made in the image of God” and man’s dignity has become meaningless.

The tax take on voters has increased continually over the years. Climate Change is yet another excuse for more taxes – the most extreme form being that promoted by the Greens, due to their very ideological views. Christianity preaches stewardship of creation – not subjugation to it.

With the abolition of God also comes the “deification” of mankind. The media now promote the notion that people can now indulge themselves at will with no consequences. This has led to addiction and disorders of all kinds, with serious crime at alarming levels.  You cannot serve God and mammon: Matthew 6:24. This approach has also led to a loss of community focus. In addition, the false notion of love – the indulgent type – over the sacrificial / the good of the other type of love has led to skewed moral values.

In the areas of prudential judgements – Housing / Homelessness / Migration / Overcrowded hospitals / Transport / Childcare – these are infrastructural social systems where different views – legitimately – abound. However, there are serious concerns regarding the housing and homelessness situation and we hope there are not multiple discriminatory housing lists in Fingal that work against Irish people. We are very aware that rural Ireland is neglected; that immigration / asylum systems seem to be abused; that significant Government waste is occurring, for example, in needless grants to certain NGOs; that the healthcare system remains very problematic; that the party political system is stifling and self-serving; that urgent reform is needed in many areas. 

In terms of candidates in the Fingal constituency in this election, we hope that you can support those candidates that are pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian, pro-Ireland, anti-big Government, and anti-corruption. Your vote counts. Thank you.  

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